Bulletproof Mayo

Written by Julie Kelly

March 1, 2014

I love the Clothes Make The Girl recipe for homemade mayonnaise, but how about Bulletproof MCT in place of all that light olive oil?

This was my second attempt at a different oil formulation and I have to say, I'm quite pleased. This first attempt used some light olive oil as called for in the original recipe, some coconut oil, and some MCT. The resulting mayo was the consistency of cream cheese frosting, a bit on the thick and pastey side. 

This attempt used 50/50 blend of MCT and coconut oil. Not only did the consistency improve to Mayo perfection, it was much easier to blend with the immersion blender. I melted the coconut oil in a pan (about a cups worth) and let it cool on the counter as I started the recipe with the MCT oil. After adding about 1/2 a cup of the MCT, I started alternating a few tablespoons of the two oils at a time as I mixed with the blender. Result? great mayo in half the time. Bonus? Bulletproof mayo in half the time!  Just remember...MCT oil is pure enerygy...careful not to eat too much in one sitting ;) 

Next time I'm trying an avocado/mct blend, stay tuned. 

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