Do you know why you feel so tired?

“I used to have the energy to workout in the morning, but now, I struggle to get out of bed”

“Mid-afternoon is the perfect time to nap.”

“I’m just not recovering like I used to.”

“The insomnia is driving me crazy!”

Do you know why your digestion is so bad?

“I’m constantly bloated, especially after eating.”

“My list of food sensitivities grows longer by the day.”

“Race day is the worst!”

“I don't know what to eat anymore.”

Do you know why you've gained weight?

“I just can't seem to lose that last 5, 10, 20 pounds.”

“I'm generally lean. It's all belly fat.”

“Sugar cravings!”

“What should I eat for snacks?”

Do you know why your hormones are out of whack?

“I fall apart each and every month, just like clockwork.”

“I used to be horny, but now I couldn't care less.”

“I'd rather mop the floor than have sex. Seriously.”

Do you know why you're constantly injured?

“Most of my injuries end in itis.”

The doctors says:

“You're just getting older.”

I figured out the solution the hard way so you don't have to.

Now with hindsight, I realize that I've spent most of my life feeling like crap. Sure I was fast, but the biomarkers spelled impending doom. I read a book a week for the entire year I transitioned to a Paleo type diet, and that was half the solution. The other half came through a system of functional medicine, and when I experienced the improvement, I just had to know how it worked.

Now racing Pro, a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and graduate of the Kalish Institute, I've quit my job as a software engineer at a quantitative hedge fund to help other athletes get back into their game with optimum fitness and health.

Nourish Balance Thrive isn't just a diet or a place to order lab tests, it's the ultimate biohacking training course with a practical component that's all about you. On graduation, you'll be armed with the knowledge you need to keep it up for life.

It's not about me diagnosing and treating disease. It's about enabling you to look after yourself.

Give me four to six months and I'll help you achieve optimum health and performance.

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