Health Coaching: How to Get Trained and Build a Business

Nov. 20, 2020

My guests today are certified Primal Health Coaches Laura Rupsis and Erin Power. Both maintain successful private practices while training others through Mark Sisson’s Primal Health Coach Institute (PHCI) and collaborating as hosts of the Health Coach Radio podcast. As the admissions director for PHCI, Laura is also behind the friendly voice you’ll reach when you’re seeking information about training as a health coach.

On this podcast Laura, Erin and I are talking about becoming a health coach: the training, the clients, and strategies for growing a successful practice. We look at some of the recent developments in the field, including national board certification and the new PHCI Level 2 Certification Course, recently introduced to meet the board requirements. We also discuss finding your niche, getting clients, and a realistic timeline for building a coaching business.

Here’s the outline of this interview with Laura Rupsis and Erin Power:

[00:02:26] Mark Sisson.

[00:01:20] Erin's health journey.

[00:03:02] Laura's health journey.

[00:10:43] Simon Marshall, PhD and triathlete Lesley Paterson; Values Guided Actions Worksheet.

[00:12:47] Podcast: The Community Cure: Transforming Health Outcomes Together, with James Maskell.

[00:16:07] Do you need a credential to be a health coach?

[00:19:21] Information does not cause change.

[00:20:29] National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (NBHWC).

[00:23:48] Primal Health Coach Level 2 Certification Course.

[00:31:07] Getting clients as a health coach, finding your niche.

[00:40:25] Dr. Jade Teta, women's hormone specialist.

[00:45:51] Building your coaching practice.

[00:48:55] Getting traffic; problems with Facebook.

[00:51:06] Superhuman email interface.

[00:52:44] Is health coaching scalable?

[00:54:36] Toastmasters for public speaking.

[00:57:43] Primal Health Coach Institute; Book a call with Laura; Facebook, Instagram.

[00:58:19] Health Coaching Success Virtual Masterclass; Enroll here.

[00:58:40] Health Coach Radio podcast.


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