Nov. 28, 2017

After spending years directing urinary and salivary hormone testing, analytical chemist Mark Newman set out to combine the best of both worlds with the DUTCH (Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones).

For the past couple of years, we’ve been happily using the DUTCH as a tool for improving health and performance in athletes as part of our Elite Performance Program.

In this interview, Mark discusses the recent expansion and improvement of the DUTCH to include the cortisol awakening response (CAR), and several markers related to hormone and neurotransmitter metabolism.

Here’s the outline of this interview with Mark Newman:

[00:00:54] DUTCH (Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones).

[00:02:49] Cortisol clearance. Video: Tutorial on cortisol.

[00:03:32] 8-Hydroxy-2-deoxyguanosine (8-OH-dG).

[00:05:02] Obesity.

[00:05:21] Cushing’s syndrome.

[00:05:44] Fat sequesters hormones.

[00:08:58] Thyroid and cortisol clearance.

[00:09:20] Studies: 1, 2, and 3.

[00:11:51] Circadian rhythm.

[00:12:39] Cortisol awakening response (CAR).

[00:14:31] Studies: References 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.                 

[00:16:34] Why you can't see the CAR with urine.

[00:18:08] Correlations between glucose, c-peptide, and cortisol.

[00:19:50] The CAR is a proxy.

[00:21:30] Clinical implications of the CAR.

[00:25:28] 8-OH-dG on PubMed.

[00:26:43] Joergensen, Anders, et al. “Association between urinary excretion of cortisol and markers of oxidatively damaged DNA and RNA in humans.” PLoS One 6.6 (2011): e20795.

[00:27:00] Melatonin is an antioxidant.

[00:27:14] 4-OH oestrogen metabolite. Video: Estrogen Tutorial.

[00:28:26] Will there be a full OAT?

[00:28:53] Neurotransmitters.

[00:29:57] Kynurenine pathway. Article: Electrons, Neurotoxins, NAD+, and Mitochondria by Tommy Wood MD, PhD.

[00:31:01] NAD and vitamin B6, xanthurenic acid.

[00:32:01] MMA, folate.

[00:32:52] Article: New Research: Birth Control Pill, Depression and Autoimmunity by Kelly Brogan MD.

[00:33:37] Hydroxymethylglutarate (HMG) is the precursor to Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) production.

[00:35:41] Evidence-based markers.

[00:37:09] Doing experiments, DIM.

[00:39:14] Adding markers, value vs noise.

[00:40:58] Great Plains OAT (Organic Acids Test).

[00:41:15] Podcast: The Cortisol Awakening Response with Mark Newman, MS.

[00:41:39] Machine Learning. Podcasts: How to Teach Machines That Can Learn with Dr. Pedro Domingos, PhD and How “Machine Learning” Can Predict Your Blood, Urine, Stool, Saliva & More! With Dr. Tommy Wood.

[00:42:16] Mass spec, immunoassay test.

[00:45:17] Predicting the CAR.

[00:45:56] Linear correlations.

[00:50:06] Receptor activity, house analogy.

[00:51:10] Elite Performance Program and the 7-Minute Analysis.

[00:52:11] Getting the DUTCH done.

[00:53:50] The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM).

[00:55:07] The process of elimination.

[00:55:43] Precision Analytical at

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