How to Track Effectively

July 1, 2016

Dan Pardi is a rare bird. Not only does Dan have a classical education in sports medicine and exercise physiology, he also spent time working with Dean Ornish at the Preventive Medicine Lifestyle Institute before spending a decade working in the pharmaceutical industry. Dan now collaborates with the Behavioral Sciences Department at Stanford University and the Departments of Neurology and Endocrinology at Leiden University and is also the CEO of a health-behavior technology company called Dan's Plan, which seeks to help people improve their health by establishing and sustaining an effective daily health practice.

In this interview, Dan talks about the practical use of tracking devices from the Quantified Self movement, and his new project, humanOS.

Dan’s new podcast, humanOS Radio (iTunes, Stitcher, YouTube, Overcast) has been at the top of my listening list for the past couple of months now, and for the first few episodes, Dan has focussed exclusively on interviewing professors within the realm of health, performance and longevity.

Dan also writes regularly on the blog at Dan’s Plan.

Here’s a brief outline of this interview with Dan Pardi:

0:00:26    Dan has been on my podcast once before.

0:02:15    Dean Ornish.

0:04:19    Dan works at Stanford under Jamie Zeitzer in the Circadian Biology Department.


0:10:23    My previous podcast with Dr. Tommy Wood where we discuss rodent studies.

0:11:55    Radiographic studies at University of Washington.

0:15:52    humanOS

0:21:38    humanOS Radio podcast.

0:25:45    Zeo, Inc.

0:29:59    Tim Ferriss almond butter at night

0:31:39    IFTTT.

0:52:48    Dan’s Plan on Facebook and Twitter.

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