NBT People: Greg White

April 16, 2019

Greg White writes for television in Los Angeles. He has written for Comedy Central, Netflix, Cartoon Network, Disney, and has developed his own material for networks such as FX and MTV. A former endurance running junkie, his interests include strength training, functional movement, and meditation. He has been an NBT client since 2015 and credits this for helping him connect the dots and find the nexus between health, longevity and performance.

In this episode, Greg and I talk about his transition from a life of overtraining and injury to one of balance and vitality.  He discusses his shift in values from performance to longevity, along with his new passion for strength training. We get into gut health, diet, and the mindset that works for both writing and sport.  Greg also manages to pin me down on our exact calorie and carbohydrate intake recommendations for athletes.

Here’s the outline of this interview with Greg White:

[00:01:03] Greg’s history as a client of Nourish Balance Thrive.

[00:01:21] Chris on Ben Greenfield’s podcast in 2016: Why Is My Cortisol High Even Though I’m Doing Everything Right? Hidden Causes Of High Cortisol, The DUTCH Test & More!

[00:01:29] The MAF Method; Trailrunner Nation - Podcasts.

[00:02:25] Organic Acids Test (OAT).

[00:03:23] Simon Marshall, PhD.

[00:03:41] Phil Maffetone.

[00:09:34] Book: Mindset, by Carol Dweck.

[00:15:34] Greg's gut health journey.

[00:19:29] Podcast: Why Cholesterol Levels Have No Effect on Cardiovascular Disease (And Things to Think about Instead), with Dr. Malcolm Kendrick.

[00:20:01] Oura Ring.

[00:21:43] Ancestral-Paleo Diet.

[00:22:44] Our exact calorie and carbohydrate intake recommendations for athletes.

[00:24:20] Tommy's AHS18 talk: The Athlete's Gut: Pitfalls of Fueling Modern Performance.

[00:25:46] Zach Moore, NBTs Head of Strength and Conditioning.

[00:27:36] 7-Minute Analysis Health Questionnaire.

[00:29:15] Brad Kearns Get Over Yourself podcast. Episodes featuring Dr. Tommy Wood: 1, 2.

[00:30:14] Risk of undereating with a whole-foods diet.

[00:31:57] TED Talk: Run for your life! At a comfortable pace, and not too far: James O'Keefe.

[00:33:30] Podcast: How to Reconcile Performance with Longevity, with Simon Marshall and Tommy Wood.

[00:35:25] Podcast: Science and Application of High Intensity Interval Training, with Paul Laursen, PhD.

[00:35:50] Shift in focus from performance to longevity.

[00:36:48] Yaktrax for running/walking in winter.

[00:39:12] Onnit equipment.

[00:39:18] Tawnee Prazak.

[00:40:10] Luna sandals.

[00:42:15] Podcast: NBT People: Will Catterson.

[00:45:17] Katy Bowman.

[00:46:01] Kelly Starrett; Mobility/WOD (M/WOD).

[00:46:12] Beginning strength training.

[00:49:52] Functional Range Conditioning (FRC).

[00:51:14] HOKA shoes.

[00:53:55] NBT on Patreon for premium podcasts and forum access.

[00:54:30] “Inspiration is for amateurs - the rest of us just show up and get to work.” - Chuck Close, painter.

[01:00:54] Tony Robbins.

[01:01:20] Strength training getaways.

[01:04:22] Greg’s YouTube channel.

[01:04:33] TV shows Greg has worked on: Season One of Animaniacs Reboot for Hulu (out in 2020). Comedy Central: Ugly Americans, TripTank; Netflix: The Adventures of Puss in Boots.

[01:05:46] Josh Turknett MD on Patreon. Podcast with Josh: The Migraine Miracle.

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