July 5, 2019

It’s not often I have the opportunity to interview Dr. Bryan Walsh in person, but I managed to pull him aside for a quick chat during his Functional Medicine (+ Family) Tour stop in Santa Clara, CA last weekend. As expected, the course was full of little-known actionable information that health practitioners can use with their clients before resorting to expensive advanced lab testing.

In this podcast, Bryan talks about seeing past the marketing and hype that comes alongside new trends in health science. We discuss the wisdom of spending less time consuming new information and instead mining tried-and-true blood chemistry markers for clues to cellular dysfunction. Bryan is sitting on a goldmine of information collected through years of meticulous research.  There are only 4 stops left on his tour - I highly recommend grabbing yourself a spot before they sell out!

Here’s the outline of this interview with Bryan Walsh:

[00:00:02] Dr. Bryan Walsh’s previous podcasts:  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

[00:02:00] How the Functional Medicine tour came about.

[00:04:30] Bryan’s Wellness FX videos.

[00:06:20] Knowledge vs. wisdom.

[00:08:16] Mental shortcuts and getting back to the basics.

[00:08:20] Simon Marshall, PhD and System 1 vs System 2 thinking.

[00:14:01] What’s the rationale for advanced lab testing?

[00:15:42] The time-consuming research behind developing optimal reference ranges.

[00:17:23] Organizing research papers; Zotero.

[00:18:49] Does the body know what it's doing? Pathology vs. defence mechanism.

[00:21:13] Digging deeper to understand why a certain lab value might be off (e.g., vitamin D).

[00:23:53] Keeping up with changing science.

[00:25:21] Levels of organization.

[00:26:44] Considering everything that contributes to healthy cells.

[00:27:08] Who the weekend is for: any practitioner who sees patients or clients.

[00:28:39] Sign up to attend one of the remaining stops on the tour: metabolicfitnesspro.com.

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