Babies by science part I with Dr Tommy Wood

Jan. 20, 2015

Dr Tommy Wood is a qualified medical doctor, graduating from Oxford University in 2011. He has a previous Bachelors degree in Natural Sciences and Biochemistry from Cambridge University. After working as a junior doctor in the UK for two years, Dr. Wood is now working towards a Ph.D. in neonatal brain metabolism at the University of Oslo, Norway.

In this episode, Tommy discusses the Paleo diet and nutrient density for pregnancy, fat metabolism, ketones, neonatal temperature, missing microbes, RF/EMF toxicity and much, much more.

Do you have questions for Tommy? We must have him back on! Email them to me, and I will do my best to get your questions answered.

Tommy and Chloe from Paleo Britain have now started their own show called the Eat Better podcast.


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