Ayush Herbs Ap Mag

AP Mag is a herbal preparation for support of gastrointestinal health. Research and anecdotal evidence shows the combination of Aegle marmelos, Azadirachta indica, Piper longum, Momordica charantia, Basil leaves, and Berberis aristata to potentially exhibit anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-protozoal, and anti-helminthic properties.

This Ayurvedic formula contains:

  • Piper longum (Long pepper) - Indicated in Giardia treatment support.
  • Azadirachta indica (Neem) - Used for its anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic actions.
  • Aegle marmelos (Beal fruit) - Known to be helpful in reducing diarrhea and dysentery associated with parasitic infections and has exhibited gastrointestinal anti-biotic and anti-helminthic properties.
  • Momordica charantia (Bitter melon) - Contains an anti-helminthic alkaloid and has been used for parasites and worms.
  • Ocimum sanctum (Holy basil) - Holy Basil may help in killing some intestinal parasites.
  • Berberis aristata (Barberry) - Contains alkaloid berberine, which is known as an anti-parasitic and anti-microbial constituent.
  • Holarrhena antidysenterica - Herb recommended for amoebic dysentery and other gastric disorders. It contains the constituent conessine which may help kill Entamoeba histolytica.
  • Magnesium for formula stability.

Supplement Facts

Each Capsule Contains:

Magnesium malate - 15 mg

Other ingredients (A proprietary blend of the following):

  • Azadirachta indica (Neem)
  • Piper longum (Long pepper)
  • Aegle marmelos (Bael)
  • Momordica charantia (Bitter melon)
  • Ocimum sanctum (Holy basil)
  • Berberis aristata (Barberry)
  • Holarrhena antidysenterica



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