Raintree Formulas Amazon A-F Anti-Fungal Capsules


The A-F formula features a powerful combination of Amazon Rainforest botanicals. Amazon A-F Anti-Fungal includes a blend of potent herbs all of which are traditionally used in herbal medicine against fungal infections and mold. It is a commonly used against candida, one of the most common fungal infections.

Raintree Amazon A-F Anti-Fungal capsules use a 100% pure active synergistic blend of potent ingredients with herbs that destroy many microorganisms in particular fungi and yeasts. 

One of the most interesting ingredients is Jatoba which contains terpene and phenolic chemicals that keep the tree protected from mold and fungi in nature. The jatoba tree is one of the few in the rainforest with a completely clean trunk free of the mold and fungus that attacks most trees in the wet and humid environment. 

This powerful effect is compounded by other ingredients in Amazon A-F Formula, including Brazilian peppertree, the oil of which was found to be very effective against fungus. The Anamu herb has antimicrobial activity designed to fight several strains of fungi, bacteria and protozoa, while Matico is effective against strains of bacteria, fungus and yeast.

To ensure all herbs are able to work synergistically, this blend includes Graviola (Annona muricata), which has been found to modulat ATP production in abnormal cells with ATP intercellular pumps. These pumps are found in bacterial, fungi, cancer and candida cells and make pathogens resistant or immune to chemicals designed to kill them, but Graviola inhibits this to boost the effectiveness of the other herbal ingredients.

Amazon A-F Anti-Fungal combines some of the most powerful anti-fungal and anti-yeast ingredients that have been used in traditional medicine for generations. While the individual ingredients are potent on their own, it is the synergistic action when combined that offers a more potent anti-fungal.

Each capsule of Raintree Amazon Anti-Fungal contains 650 mg of 100% natural herbal ingredients, all grown organically and then harvested by locals in the Rainforest. The ingredients have been carefully chosen for their anti-fungal properties.

Traditional Use:

The ingredients in this multi-herbal capsule have been used as natural, medicinal treatments for hundreds of years by the indigenous people of the South Amercan rainforests. Many of the ingredients are still used to produce a bark tea for foot and nail fungus, as well as expelling intestinal worms and parasites. Some of the herbs have also been used in Panama, Brazil and the United States to against yeast infections and systemic candida of the intestines and stomach, along with fungal and bladder infections. Many of the ingredients are also used topically to treat skin and nail fungus. 

Suggested Use:

Most of the individual ingredients in Raintree Amazon A-F Anti-Fungal are used in teas for internal issues, or applied topically if the condition affects the skin or nails. This supplement combines the most powerful rainforest botanicals for fungal infections, both internal issues of the intestines, stomach, bladder or urinary tract, as well as external conditions. Amazon A-F may also be supplemented with probiotics to assist with the survival of beneficial gut flora. Take Amazon A-F Anti-Fungal on an empty stomach and probiotics later or earlier in the day.

Recommended Daily Intake: 2 capsules 2-3 times daily, or as directed by a healthcare professional. 

Ingredients: A herbal blend of jatoba, Brazilian peppertree, anamu, bellaco capsi, matico, piri-piri, pau d'arco, ubos, fedegoso, tamamuri, guaco, and graviola.

Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans. Free from yeast, soy, wheat, nuts and dairy.



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