I’m Laura Rockow. I was  Born in Germany, raised in Ohio, and transplanted in beautiful Santa Cruz County, CA since 1995. I’m 49 years old. My husband Gary and I have four children; Julia (28), Evan (17), Owen (15) and Cal (8). We also have our first grand child, Ivy Kay!  

After having four kids and living vegetarian for much of my adult life, I was very overweight and crabby, tired, with bad skin, and always sick with colds, bronchitis and migraines.  I was starting to exhibit signs of peri-menopause with night sweats and irregular cycle, mood swings.

In 2009, my younger brother had a heart attack at age 38.  Thanks Jim, for the mutual wake up call.  I started swimming right away - a slow and miserable pace at first, then gradually improving.  I began looking for a way to eat that would take me and my family toward optimal health without feeling deprived.  I’d had some success with Mediterranean and Atkins, but something still wasn’t right.  Then I heard the chatter happening out in the world about Paleo. Everything clicked:  Simply eat: organic, clean, REAL FOOD from local, sustainable producers who avoid GMO and pesticides.  Eat wild fish and game.  Eat meat from animals fed a diet they are biologically supposed to eat - free from GMO grains, soy, corn, free of hormones and antibiotics, allowed to roam and graze on grass, not confined in pens in mass production.  Avoid processed factory “food” and all fast food.  Avoid sugars and sweeteners, grains, dairy and legumes.  I emptied my cupboards, fridge and pantry of junk.  Restocked and started with a new foundation of clean food coupled with rest, stress management, sunlight, and no longer required long hours of exercise. The Paleo lifestyle became a platform I could maintain for the long haul.  I lost 50 lbs, my skin cleared, no more migraines, my cycle is back to regular, no night sweats, lots of energy, rarely crabby, and not even a sniffle since day one!  I feel I’m in the best health of my life.  For the first time in all my years of parenting, I feel good and proud of what I’m feeding my family.  My brother Jim is now living Paleo with his wife and four children - alive, fit and well!

My mission:  To change the way humans eat, with emphasis on educating parents to feed their children a real food, nutrient dense diet - to pass on real food traditions for generations to come - to stop the cycle of obesity and diabetes and diet/lifestyle related illness/disease.  To create simple, yet gourmet nutrient dense Paleo and gluten free meals, artistically presented. I am passionate about local, sustainable REAL CLEAN FOOD and helping others find their way to wellness through holistic nutrition, enjoyable exercise and a balanced life.

Laura Rockow
Real Food Ambassador
Paleo Chef
Lifestyle Transition Coach

Email me: laura@nourishbalancethrive.com

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