Fatigue... insomnia... hormonal or digestive problems...

Is Your Training And Lifestyle Suffering?

As an athlete, you know your body’s health and balance is crucial. But when things go wrong, mainstream healthcare doesn’t serve your unique needs.

That’s why we’ve developed a science-based, personalized support program to help you regain your optimal performance.

It’s called Nourish Balance Thrive
– the wellness solution created for athletes, by athletes.

Success stories

It's been a game-changer for me. I'm feeling better than I have in years, and I attribute that to the program and working with NBT.

NBT People: Tim Harsch

I wouldn't be here without you. You guys got me on this path.

NBT People: Integrative Oncologist Stacy D’Andre, MD

Over a six month period, I gained six pounds of lean muscle mass. I’d never gained that much mass in my life, and I didn't change anything about my training.

NBT People: Mark Alexander

I had the best race of my life yesterday, beyond my imagination.

NBT People: Bob McRae

I think that this holistic approach has really helped me quiet my mind and my body, and get things working properly again. I can get a lot more done. I'm not falling asleep when I'm reading to my kids at night. I just feel like I have more energy and better clarity.

NBT Olympians: Alex O’Brien

I love working with you guys.

NBT Olympians: Leif Nordgren

Simon has helped me a lot. His advice in itself took ten minutes off my swimming time from the year before.

NBT People: Graeme Muirhead

I found an immediate increase in energy throughout the day. It was unbelievable.

NBT People: Robert Turner

I had some pieces to figure out and put into place and I was having trouble with the last 20%. I think the team at Nourish Balance Thrive really helped me get almost all the way there. I was just thinking about it this morning as I was walking up to my classroom and thinking, ‘Man, that's so cool.’ I don’t feel fatigued by climbing 24 stairs. To feel like you can perform at your capability is just such a good feeling.

NBT People: Will Catterson

A lot of the drawbacks that I had before are pretty much gone. I feel really energetic. I picked up lots of new hobbies, actually. I think that was the goal overall, just making sure that I can do the things again that I really like.

NBT People: Amir Mirazee

Chris Kelly at Nourish Balance Thrive reached out to me. I swear, Chris was/is like my angel -- he contacted me just at the right time when I needed his help more than ever. Chris and Dr. Jamie Busch at NBT are the shiznit. I recommend everyone check them out. They're athletes who are functional health specialists -- a win-win combo for any athlete looking to optimize health.

Tawnee Prazak, Endurance Planet

Just wanted to let you know that I continue to make good progress. I recently got tested by the doctor (via stool test) and the h. pylori is gone. Also, all the other tests, testosterone, cholesterol, and hbA1c all came back in normal ranges. If you would like, you could update your website to reflect that I am now down more than 35lbs from where I started.

Kevin, Berkeley, USA

I just got back from a little trail run with my dog - first time I have felt like doing that in a very long time. It's hard to believe that last week this time I was ready to sell my bikes and just say fuck it. I have done half iron mans and run marathons and I was at the point where a 5k was killing me and riding my bike was giving me panic attacks. I can't believe how much better I feel in just a week. WOW.

Carolynn, Hood River, USA

My mental clarity, emotional resilience and focus have improved significantly. I've been describing it to people as life is simple now, no worrying about decisions or my behaviour. My confidence has increased massively and I'm pretty much daily being the "best" version of myself. Anxiety is almost non existent.

Vicki, Cambridgeshire, UK

For the last two years or more I thought I was crazy and told as much by mainstream medicine. Visit after visit I said "there is something wrong" and I was told it was in my head. I was prescribed anti-anxiety meds, I was offered a hysterectomy I was told that I was a hypochondriac. I've been tearful & joyful all day finally in the know that my symptoms of chronic fatigue, depression, weight gain, lack of sex drive (I read up since our call) and hair loss are not the crazy musings of a premenopausal woman.

Erin, Oakland, USA

Chris - I'm losing weight like crazy - another 5 pounds. Energy is way up and feeling great. Blood sugar in the 80s and 90s. Buying new clothes this weekend.

Wendy, Ormond Beach, USA

Wow, this is what normal people feel like!

NBT People: Clay Higgins

Find out how we can help YOU regain your peak performance

Does any of this sound like you?

On hitting your weight & fitness goals:

“I just can't seem to lose that last 5, 10, 20 pounds...”

“I'm generally lean. It's the belly fat I can’t shift...”

“Why am I constantly injured?”

“I get sugar cravings when I train!”

“What should I eat for healthy snacks?”

On fatigue, hormonal fluctuations or libido:

“I fall apart each and every month, just like clockwork...”

“I can’t get to sleep, and the pills aren’t helping...”

“I want to enjoy all of my life, not just training and competing...”

“I used to be horny, but now I couldn't care less...”

“I'd rather mop the floor than have sex. It’s become a problem...”

And has a doctor told you:

On hitting your weight & fitness goals:

“You're just getting older.”

Aargh! They keep saying this! But it’s not “just an age thing”...

Conventional healthcare isn’t set up to address the ‘why’ – it’s just firefighting of symptoms.

But now you can get 1-to-1 support and advice from fellow athletes and healthcare professionals who know what it takes to reach your optimal performance.

We call our expert-led program Nourish Balance Thrive, and we designed it for people like you.

Nourish Balance Thrive: Your 3-step journey to the best you can be

Fix your food...

Our holistic approach to wellness starts with important changes to how, when and what you eat to improve your health. Our Food Scientist will help you customize a real food diet that caters to your unique needs and lifestyle.

Stop guessing...

As an athlete, balancing everyday health with a training routine requires attention to your diet, stress, sleep, gut health, and hormones. We’ll identify the root causes holding you back by analyzing your test results and creating a personalized wellness program to maximize your performance.

Keep it up...

It doesn’t end there – but maintaining your optimal health doesn’t have to be hard. We'll keep you up to date with the latest developments in health and nutritional science, deliver expertly-curated cooking and lifestyle content, and support your continued wellness through our community of like-minded athletes.

About Nourish Balance Thrive

I'm Christopher Kelly, and I figured out the solution the hard way so you don't have to...

I love cycling – training, competing, the whole thing. I love the buzz a great workout session gives me...

But with hindsight, I realize I've spent most of my life feeling like crap.

Sure, I was fast, but the biomarkers spelled impending doom. I struggled with insomnia, fatigue, brain fog... my libido plummeted and my recovery times took a nose-dive. I wanted to train well, but I also wanted to enjoy the rest of my life!

So I transitioned to a Paleo-type diet, reading a book a week on the subject for a year – but that was only half the solution...

The other half came through experimenting with and perfecting a system of functional medicine – I became my own guinea pig!

Now, my body’s back in balance – my symptoms have disappeared, my diet’s right for me, and my family life is as enjoyable as my training.

When I experienced these incredible improvements, I just had to know how it worked. I’m an analytical person: before creating Nourish Balance Thrive I worked as a software engineer...

...but now I’m living my dream of racing pro!

I’m also a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, a graduate of the Kalish Institute and the founder of Nourish Balance Thrive.

In 2014 I quit my job to focus on helping fellow athletes like you get back to your best, and enjoy optimum fitness and health.

Nourish Balance Thrive isn't just a diet or motivational coaching. It's the perfect blend of a lab-based supplement plan, expert dietary advice and consultative performance planning uniquely tailored to your lifestyle.

Cookie-cutter solutions just don’t work for everyone, so Nourish Balance Thrive is all about personalization – your body, your diet, your goals.

Think of it as the ultimate bio-hacking training course with a practical component developed just for you.

With Nourish Balance Thrive, you'll be armed with the knowledge you need to stay fit and healthy for life.

I’m not a doctor, I’m an athlete like you. I know what it takes.

This isn’t about me and my team diagnosing and treating disease. It's about enabling you to better understand your body, so you can smash your personal goals and stay healthy long-term.

What can you expect from NBT?

Every program is different, because it's tailored to YOUR body and requirements - but here's some of the things we can help you with...

An in-depth consultation

so I can fully understand your situation and your goals

Nutrition coaching

with our food scientist to quickly dial in your perfect Paleo diet

Regular blood testing

to reinforce the diagnosis, and to track progress

Organic acids testing

to lift the lid on your metabolism, so we can design your custom nutrient replacement program

Stool testing

to reveal any hidden chronic infections (the leading cause of fatigue)

Your own personalized protocol

your complete wellness solution outlined in a shared online document for easy access

Access to our team of experts

our team combines the best aspects of holistic and alternative medicine, diagnostic nutrition, food science and the know-how of experienced professional athletes. We’re also voracious seekers of knowledge and devourers of the latest wellness developments and podcasts

Our expert team


Christopher Kelly

Co-founder, pro mountain biker


Julia Kelly, MSc

Co-founder, Food Scientist


Megan Hall, MSc

Scientific Director


Clay Higgins

Client Satisfaction Engineer


Simon Marshall, PhD

Performance Psychologist


Jamie Kendall-Weed, MD

Medical Director, pro mountain biker


Zach Moore, MA, CSCS

Head of Strength and Conditioning


Josh Turknett, MD

Head of Cognitive Enhancement

Find out how we can help YOU regain your peak performance

More success stories

You guys are bringing people information that has in a way been willfully hidden from them. I think it's great and I'm really thankful that I found you. I love working with you.

NBT People: Anastassia Laskey

Today was the first day in months that I woke up with NO joint pain at all. Also, this morning, I had much less issues getting up than I have had the past several months. This morning’s heavy weights and sprints workout felt as good as a workout has been in months.

Jovan, Ada, USA

People need you! You're saving my life (and probably my marriage) right now!

Elaine, Muskego, USA

A completely different person at this point in time.

Rob, Marion, USA

I just wanted to let you know, that I have noticed a marked increase this week (the week that should be my worse with a fat side of PMS) in my well being. I'm not exhausted, I'm not suffering from unstable moodiness, my gut is less bloated.  I was even able to do back to back 3 hour rides this past weekend. Things are certainly looking brighter for me :)

Megan, Santa Cruz, USA

Sleeping like a baby. Haven’t felt this good in years. No side effects.

Gerard, Mickleton, USA

Well, I cut out all dairy and started feeling remarkably well within 3 days. My symptoms have reduced again by 90%, energy much better and reflux pretty much gone. Amazing.

Wendy, Sauveterre, France

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