The Paleo Baby podcast is a new show about growing up Paleo. From fertility, pregnancy, and lactation, to weaning, first foods, and primal living, we explore what it's really like to live Paleo from day one. As a Paleo and AIP family, we want to share what we've figured out as we've found health, started a functional medicine practice, merged families, and had a baby. We'll talk to experts in the Paleo community to learn how their families make it work, and learn from other leading minds in nutrition and health, to keep you up to speed. Join us as we document the trials and victories of living Paleo and raising our Paleo baby, Ivy Kay.

How to Wean Your Paleo Baby

Worried you might be starting your baby off on the wrong foot by weaning onto all the foods that ended up causing you so much trouble? Are you tired (or frightened) of stick blenders, ice cub trays and sippy cups? Are your instincts telling you "there must be a better ...

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The Human Milk-Oriented Microbiota: Babies and Beyond

Megan Sanctuary, MS, PhD candidate, is a student at the University of California, Davis. She is a member of the Milk Group that has been decoding mother’s milk for clues to lasting health for the past decade. She is currently using this basic science information to develop effective clinical ...

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Whole Life Detox: A Holistic Approach to a Clean Environment

Please join me and my dear friend Toréa Rodriguez, FDP-P, as we introduce you to our upcoming project: The Whole Life Detox. This podcast will give you the inside scoop and an invitation to our free online mini-class: Whole Life Detox | A Holistic Approach to a Clean Environment.

On ...

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Understanding How We Evolved to Parent

How do you approach big parenting decisions? Do you find yourself confused and conflicted with what the “experts” say? Have you wrestled with the idea of “sleep training,” bedsharing, or nursing schedules for your baby?  What if there was a way to approach all of the important topics so you ...

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What Is Disordered Eating?

In this episode we take a detour through a slightly different topic for Paleo Baby. Disordered eating effects many people in many different ways. Eating too little, eating too much, body image, dieting, exercise, are all wrapped up in the definition and treatment of disordered eating. Unfortunately, those seeking help ...

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How to Protect Your Family from Environmental Toxicity

Did you know?

For personal care products, the European Union have banned 1,400 chemicals, Canada 600, and the US just 11.

Do you think the FDA is safety testing your personal care products?

They don’t.

If someone asked Dr. Walsh, “what is the most important thing to for ...

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A Simple Guide to the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol

The autoimmune paleo diet described in Eileen Laird’s new book reversed occult blood found on my stool test result and brought my Hs-CRP blood test for inflammation back into the normal range. I was already eating a paleo-type diet before I made the switch to AIP, and with hindsight ...

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Is the Paleo Diet Sustainable?

Engineers get into a lot of trouble when their designs fail. Think about the consequences of a collapsing bridge or a broken aeroplane wing. Failed software systems can also have catastrophic consequences for human life.

Why is nutrition science any different? Poor food choices have far reaching consequences for both ...

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The Truth About Fertility and the Fertility Awareness Method

It’s a scenario we’ve all experienced. You go to your OBGYN for your scheduled PAP smear just to get the box ticked on your health check up list, and wait for the Doctor to give you the “all clear.”

Is that the best you can do? Is it ...

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Anne Margolis: Nurturing a woman’s instinctive knowledge of how to birth her children

Should you have your baby at home, hospital, or birthing center of some sort? It’s a very important question to consider. If you’ve never found yourself pondering this question, perhaps one day you will. I was only a few weeks pregnant when I started to consider my options ...

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Beverly Meyer: The Importance of Vitamin K and Why You're Probably Not Getting Enough

Today’s podcast is a conversation I had with a wonderful fount of knowledge, Beverly Meyer. Beverly has been a client of natural health therapies since 1972.  After a successful but exhausting career in business (with interviews in Glamour, Venture, Entrepreneur and Inc.), she devoted herself full-time to the study ...

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Chloe Archard: Paleo advocate, mom, and host of the “Eat Better” podcast

Chloe Archard is one of the founders of Paleo Britain, a website dedicated to promoting and highlighting British companies that are producing real, high-quality, truly healthy, sustainable foods. The site was established by Chloe and her 4 sisters and has become an important resource for those in the UK desiring ...

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