The Truth About Fertility and the Fertility Awareness Method

Dec. 21, 2015

It’s a scenario we’ve all experienced. You go to your OBGYN for your scheduled PAP smear just to get the box ticked on your health check up list, and wait for the Doctor to give you the “all clear.”

Is that the best you can do? Is it the best you should do? Let me ask you a couple of very serious questions...

  • How would your confidence, sense of empowerment, and self esteem be different if you knew how to be a more active participant in your own feminine health?
  • What if you could truly understand your hormonal and reproductive health, and know the right steps to take in order to keep yourself in a state of optimal health in those areas?

That may sound like a pipe dream, or something that’s going to require a lot more minutia than you want to invest. But think about it for just a second…

This is YOUR health we’re talking about.

It’s YOUR privilege and RIGHT to be able to take an active role in your own reproductive and hormonal health. There are things you can do to make improvements in your health and even prevent issues that often arise as your body ages.

Doesn’t that feel good… to know that you can actually DO something to help yourself before things become major issues?

On this episode, Julie is chatting with her friend and self-identified “Functional Medicine Nerd,” Torea Rodriguez ( Torea introduced Julie to the “Fertility Awareness Method” which is an all natural form of birth control and so much more (not to be confused with the rhythm method).

The conversation today should not be seen as a “how to” instructional but rather an overview and examination of FAM, including the basics of the method, how and why it works, and the benefits that come from using this approach.

Much more than a birth control method.

Both Julie and Torea stress that FAM is not only about birth control… and that’s where you’re able to take an active hand in your own health.

The FAM enables you to keep track of your own hormonal levels and monthly cycle on a level you probably won’t believe. You can catch hormonal imbalances before they become serious, notice even the slightest changes in your cycle and health so you can be prepared for changes in your body before they happen, and even detect issues (like cervical cysts) when your health care provider may not even be concerned about such things.

One of the ladies in today’s conversation did exactly that, to the amazement of her Doctor.

If you want to throw off the depency you have on your health care provider in favor of a smart, informed, accurate degree of self-care that most women have never thought possible, you can do it. The Fertility Awareness Method could be the answer.

Find out more on this episode.

What you’ll hear on this episode:

  • [0:02] Julie’s introduction of her friend, Torea Rodriguez, a fellow “functional medicine nerd,” and why they decided to chat about the “fertility awareness method method.
  • [1:54] What is the fertility awareness method? (FAM)
  • [5:20] Issues both women see with their clients.
  • [7:00] Why today’s episode is not a “how to” guide but rather an overview.
  • [7:54] How the FAM method works in comparison to taking the pill, using an IUD, etc.
  • [10:10] What drove Torea to investigate and try the Fertility Awareness Method?
  • [16:43] Understanding the basics of how to use FAM.
  • [20:00] The importance of knowing the truth and passing it on to your daughters.
  • [22:10] The facts about cervical fluid and how these facts are used in FAM.
  • [26:06] Understanding cervical position and its importance in FAM.
  • [27:23] The facts about basal body temperature.
  • [30:00] How the FAM can be used to detect possible hormonal imbalances and make corrections for the sake of hormonal health.
  • [33:00] The importance of becoming an active participant in your own health.
  • [34:34] How FAM has helped with personal health issues.
  • [36:46] Typical questions and objections women have with the Fertility Awareness Method.
  • [43:20] The fertility coaching options being prepared by Julie and Torea.
  • [47:40] How you can connect with Torea and connect with Julie.

Resources and concepts mentioned in this episode

Taking Charge of Your Fertility the book. - app and interactive infographic to help you track your fertility.

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