Chloe Archard: Paleo advocate, mom, and host of the “Eat Better” podcast

Oct. 3, 2015

Chloe Archard is one of the founders of Paleo Britain, a website dedicated to promoting and highlighting British companies that are producing real, high-quality, truly healthy, sustainable foods. The site was established by Chloe and her 4 sisters and has become an important resource for those in the UK desiring to find out more about the Paleo way of life. In this conversation Julie talks with Chloe about the basics of Paleo and how she became interested in it in the first place, gut biome testing and how it can be used to optimize personal health, nursing, natural childbirth, and much more. You’ll enjoy hearing this experienced mom’s perspective on raising children to be healthy in an unhealthy world.

The advancement of the Paleo diet in the UK is not without its struggles.

One of the questions Julie asks Chloe Archard, co-founder of Paleo Britain in this conversation is how the Paleo way of life is being accepted in the UK. Julie’s answer reveals that the misconceptions about Paleo there are similar to what is happening in the U.S. and other places around the world. The media has become one of the most difficult hurdles with its constant characterization of Paleo as completely “non carb” or “caveman” in its approach. Chloe says it’s a matter of patient education and personal integrity that will make the difference over time. She’s a wise woman and you will learn a lot from her about how you can help the Paleo community make inroads into the culture by learning how to respond well, yourself.

“What would our ancestors have done?” - a clarifying question.

The basic belief of the Paleo way of eating is that we should consume real, whole, unprocessed, and nutrient-dense foods that nourish our bodies. It’s a way of eating that naturally excludes nutrient-poor and processed foods known to have detrimental effects on health. One of the simplest ways to assess whether a food falls into those categories is to ask “What would our ancestors have eaten?” You don’t have to go back too far in history to realize that much of the foods consumed today are not only fairly recent developments in the history of human food consumption, they are not even close to what has traditionally made up a healthy human diet. In this episode, Chloe Archard, founder of Paleo Britain chats with Julie about how to make good food choices yourself and how to help your children understand and adopt a healthy food lifestyle themselves.

Your gut microbiome is vital to good health. Chloe Archard has been doing her own little experiment to show the benefits.

The healthy human microbiome is a balanced ecosystem that fuels many things in your body like digestion and vitamin useage. Some studies have also linked the microbiome to human mood and behavior as well as gut health, human development, and metabolic disorders. Chloe Archard became interested in the importance of the gut biome and began doing testing on herself to determine how healthy her gut was and what she could do to improve the quality of her health (and therefore her life). In this episode Julie and Chloe have an extended conversation about the gut biome, it’s importance, and how testing from companies like uBiome can help everyday people get a detailed look at the true state of their health so they can take control of their health once and for all. You’ll enjoy the conversation and learn a lot in the process.

You may believe that “breast is best,” but do you know why?

The “breast is best” campaign has been very successful in the UK. Chloe Archard, co-founder of Paleo Britain is thankful for that. But she feels that most women who adopt the slogan and the practice of breastfeeding their children have not clearly understood “why” breastfeeding their children is best, and are therefore more prone to abandon the practice under the cultural pressures that are sure to come. In this episode Chloe chats with Julie about why breastfeeding really is best, how mothers can stick with the practice for the long term health of their children, and how she thinks about the weaning process in light of her commitment to Paleo.

Here’s the outline of this great chat with Chloe Archard:

  • [0:19] Julie’s introduction of Chloe Archard, founder of Paleo Britain.
  • [1:09] Get to know Chloe: family details.
  • [1:53] How Chloe got into the Paleo scene and how it won her over.
  • [4:23] The place Paleo is establishing in the UK and the hurdles it’s facing.
  • [6:11] Chloe’s experience eating a Paleo diet when she was pregnant and nursing.
  • [13:00] The journey Chloe has been on to use uBiome testing to track her gut microbiome while on the Paleo diet.
  • [19:37] Adjustments Chloe is making based on her uBiome testing results.
  • [23:25] The “why” behind breastfeeding as the healthiest option.
  • [25:54] The differences in how Chloe weaned her various children and the things she’s noticed as a result.
  • [34:13] The clarity and common sense that comes by asking, “What would our ancestors have done?”
  • [36:30] Dealing with the horror stories you hear about natural births.
  • [40:36] Chloe’s thoughts about teaching her children to make food choices in the real world.  


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