Sept. 28, 2016

Please join me and my dear friend Toréa Rodriguez, FDP-P, as we introduce you to our upcoming project: The Whole Life Detox. This podcast will give you the inside scoop and an invitation to our free online mini-class: Whole Life Detox | A Holistic Approach to a Clean Environment.

On October 4th – Whole Life Detox: A Holistic Approach to a Clean Environment -FREE Webinar!  5pm PT / 8pm ET

Ever think about detoxing your home?—you should. More toxins than you can possibly imagine permeate the average home, but it is possible to get your home completely clean WITHOUT getting overwhelmed. On October 4th, Toréa and I are hosting a live Q&A Webinar to help you clean out your home simply and easily! Register for the event here.

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