Understanding How We Evolved to Parent

Sept. 13, 2016

How do you approach big parenting decisions? Do you find yourself confused and conflicted with what the “experts” say? Have you wrestled with the idea of “sleep training,” bedsharing, or nursing schedules for your baby?  What if there was a way to approach all of the important topics so you were empowered to make the best choice for you and your family?

My guest Tracy Cassels offers a sound and unique perspective that I think will help a lot of parents. Tracy has an undergraduate degree in Cognitive Science, masters in Clinical Psychology, and PhD in Developmental Psychology. She is the founder and lead author of the site Evolutionary Parenting.

Evolutionary parenting is the idea that we have evolved and coevolved with our infants to create a unique relationship between babies and their caregivers. When we approach parenting challenges with the idea that these co-evolved relationships may, on a lot of levels, be at odds with our modern culture and way of life, it becomes clear that alternative solutions to these challenges may be imperative.

How much do you know about your baby’s basic biology and physiology? Enough to know what’s normal or abnormal when it comes to development? Join us as we dissect infant sleep patterns, how to approach sleep “research,” what ‘normal’ really means, and healthy sleep for modern families, all from the perspective of Evolutionary Parenting.

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