How to Protect Your Family from Environmental Toxicity

April 26, 2016

Did you know?

For personal care products, the European Union have banned 1,400 chemicals, Canada 600, and the US just 11.

Do you think the FDA is safety testing your personal care products?

They don’t.

If someone asked Dr. Walsh, “what is the most important thing to for your health other than being positive and happy,” it would be that you absolutely have to get toxic chemicals out of your life. There is a growing body of evidence that chemicals in our environment are contributing to to cancer, autoimmune disease, allergies and asthma, obesity, hormone issues, and more. She firmly believes this is one of the largest contributing factors to the plague of diseases we are facing today. Women, in particular, seem to be extremely vulnerable because of all of the personal care and cleaning products they come in contact with on a daily basis. Listen to this podcast and Dr. Walsh will show you how easy it is to get the chemicals out of your life while still feeling, looking, (and smelling) fantastic.

Julie Walsh is a Naturopathic Doctor & Mom of four adorable blue eyed kids. She knows a few things about health. Part of this is due to a formal medical education, but most can be attributed to her personal 20 year quest (or obsession) for "perfect health". It wasn't until she learned that perfection is the antithesis of health that I was actually able to help herself and other women achieve true well-being.

Here’s the outline of this interview with Julie Walsh, ND:


0:01:50    Dr. Walsh came to doctoring from the modelling industry.

0:02:24    EWG Skin Deep database.

0:05:30    Indicator species are animals that act as a “canary in the coal mine.”

0:06:11    Cancer is now the second leading cause of death in children aged 5-14 years.

0:09:17    NuvaRing prevents conception at .35 parts per billion.

0:10:53    Halifax project on

0:11:19    The EU has banned 1,400 chemicals, Canada 600, the US just 11.

0:13:49    No federal law governing the personal product industry since 1938.

0:17:11    Step one is know what you're using.

0:17:58    Get rid of everything that is ranked higher than 2 in the EWG database.

0:20:21    The average woman puts on about 12 products on their body each day.

0:20:36    Please stop using perfume!

0:24:20    The Internet has created the era of information and confusion.

0:27:22    Essential Oils: I'm Calling Bullshit.

0:31:54    Beauty Counter.

0:38:23    Ask yourself: do I need it? Is it safe?

0:38:39    Biokleen Laundry Liquid and All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate.

0:41:04    Don't go crazy on this!

0:42:50    Fill out the contact form and claim a free prize.

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