bodymapping: Functional Medicine in the UK

Feb. 28, 2024

Dr. Michael Bazlinton is a Family Doctor (GP) and the founder of the bodymapping clinic in the UK. After recognizing the limits of the National Health Service (NHS) model of practice and discovering compelling data from the low-carb community, Michael expanded his scope as a physician. In 2017, bodymapping was born. The bodymapping programme embraces five key states of being essential to wellness: nourishment, cognition, sleep, movement, and rest. Michael uses blood testing to guide clients in these areas toward optimal health and longevity.

On this podcast, Dr. Bazlinton discusses the bodymapping approach and the unique programme he has created for those in the UK who want to apply science and technology to manage their health better. He is currently offering a membership platform for those who wish to use ongoing tracking of their biometric data with periodic live video check-ins. The first six months are free with the discount code NBT-100%.

Here’s the outline of this interview with Michael Bazlinton:

[00:01:34] Peter Gray Podcast: How to Raise Passionate Kids: The Value of Free Play.


[00:05:30] Background and interest in alternative health.

[00:08:48] Ted Naiman, MD and Stephan Guyenet. Podcast with Ted Naiman: Protein vs. Energy for Improved Body Composition and Healthspan.

[00:13:36] Video: Sugar: The Bitter Truth.

[00:16:04] Book: The Real Meal Revolution, by Tim Noakes, Jonno Proudfoot, and Sally-Ann Creed.

[00:23:11] Fixing Dad: BBC film, YouTube series.

[00:34:28] Making health more resilient.

[00:49:59] Justin Welsh.

[00:52:10] Heads Up Health. Podcast with David Korsunsky: How to Use Data to Take Control of Your Health.

[00:53:35] bodymapping.

[00:55:33] Membership offer; Promotion Code: NBT-100%.

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