Brain Training for the Primal Keto Endurance Athlete

Jan. 12, 2018

Writer and researcher Lindsay Shaw Taylor, PhD, joined the Primal Blueprint team in 2015, collaborating with Mark Sisson of Mark’s Daily Apple to deliver content on the topics of health, science, and primal living.  Lindsay earned her doctorate in 2008 in Social and Personality Psychology with a focus on self-evaluation and goal pursuit.  Her education and personal experience with Primal living is applied daily as she moderates the new and thriving Keto Reset Facebook group, offering knowledge and support to folks following a ketogenic diet.

Lindsay talks with us today about the role of psychology in making significant changes to their diet and fitness.  She shares some keys for reframing thought patterns that keep people stuck, and discusses the lifestyle factors that have led to her own health and wellbeing.

In the intro, I mentioned The Physicians for Ancestral Health winter retreat, The Braveheart Highland Games and The Blood Chemistry Calculator.

Here’s the outline of this interview with Lindsay Taylor:

[00:02:26] Highschool days.

[00:02:58] Social psychology.

[00:04:24] Serena Chen at UC Berkeley, the concept of self-evaluation.

[00:05:52] Feeling misunderstood.

[00:06:22] Self-verification. Studies: Shaw Taylor, Lindsay, et al. "“Out of my league”: A real-world test of the matching hypothesis." Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin 37.7 (2011): 942-954. And: Fiore, Andrew T., et al. "Assessing attractiveness in online dating profiles." Proceedings of the SIGCHI conference on human factors in computing systems. ACM, 2008.

[00:07:56] Behaviour change.

[00:08:16] Framing goals.

[00:09:18] Primal Endurance community on Facebook.

[00:09:38] Keto Reset Facebook group.

[00:10:50] Weightloss goals.

[00:13:21] Video: Tim Minchin 9-life lessons.

[00:15:34] Lesley Paterson, Simon Marshall. Podcast: How to Create Behaviour Change.

[00:15:56] Book: The Brave Athlete.

[00:18:18] Becoming Primal.

[00:19:33] Art DeVany.

[00:20:53] Health vs appearance goals.

[00:22:08] Lack of confidence.

[00:23:14] Website: Mark’s Daily Apple.

[00:23:38] Self-relevance.

[00:24:18] Intrinsic motivation.

[00:26:02] About Mark Sisson.

[00:28:24] Paleo f(x).

[00:28:36] Chris Kresser.

[00:30:03] Mark on a stand-up paddleboard.

[00:31:30] Primal Kitchen Santa Cruz on Instagram.

[00:33:01] Social comparison.

[00:34:18] Constant horizon seeking.

[00:34:43] Podcast: National Cyclocross Champion Jeremy Powers on Racing, Training, and the Ketogenic Diet. Podcast: National Cyclocross Champion Katie Compton on Ketosis and MTHFR.

[00:36:35] Study: McSwiney, Fionn T., et al. “Keto-adaptation enhances exercise performance and body composition responses to training in endurance athletes.” Metabolism 81 (2018): 25-34.

[00:38:03] Book: Unconventional Medicine by Chris Kresser.

[00:38:22] Ketogenic diet.

[00:42:24] Balance in exercise, diet, work.

[00:44:01] A day in the life in food.

[00:44:14] Rhonda Patrick. Video: Rhonda talking with Satchin Panda about Time Restricted Eating.

[00:44:54] Lindsay on Instagram.

[00:46:59] Counting calories to make sure you're eating enough.

[00:47:32] Podcast: How to Understand Glucose Regulation, with Dr. Bryan Walsh.

[00:49:07] Allostatic load.

[00:50:23] Tamsin Lewis.

[00:53:06] Eating when not hungry.

[00:53:34] Macro calculators.

[00:56:33] Being OK with uncertainty.

[00:57:27] Book: The Pleasure of Finding Things Out, by Richard Feynman.

[00:58:29] Book: The Keto Reset Diet, by Mark Sisson.

[01:01:31] Transitioning to keto: ripping the band-aid off slowly.

[01:04:23] Keto Reset Facebook group.

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