ETP Certification Course for Coaches with Brad Dieter, Ph.D

April 22, 2016

Could you afford to spend $250,000 on an education? No, neither could I. How lucky are we then that people like Drs. Mike T. Nelson Ph.D. and Dr. Brad Dieter Ph.D are willing to distill what they’ve learned into a $250 training course? Over the past two years, I’ve done all kinds of biology, biochemistry, physiology, functional medicine, nutrition and fitness massively open online training courses and I’ve loved them all. Educators pour their heart and soul into these resources and we should take full advantage.

The Eat to Perform certification course covers the basic mechanisms of exercise physiology and the interactions between nutrition and human performance. The material is delivered via video and PDF and the exam is done online. A Facebook support group and lifetime updates are included in the price. Sign up now, it’s a steal!

Dr. Tommy Wood, my wife and food scientist Julia, and I have got together to create a hypoallergenic MCT oil powdered with a special bionic fibre. Find out more at and let me know what you think.

Here’s the outline of this interview with Dr. Brad Dieter, Ph.D

0:05:16    Brad realised his skill set wasn't clinical, headed into research.

0:05:34    He has done human and animal research, molecular biology, biostatistical analysis.

0:06:55    Optimizing Vitamin D for Athletic Performance.

0:07:54    Over supplementing is not the answer.

0:08:43    There's no way you can know what the problem is unless you do a test.

0:08:49    ETP training course with lifetime updates!

0:13:29    Brad's approach for competitive CrossFit.

0:13:44    He starts by listening and figuring out the weak link.

0:14:41    Fat loss is the secondary goal.

0:18:48    Exercise to drive adaptation, not burn calories.

0:20:35    Calorie in calorie out is wrong?

0:21:48    Minimal effective dose.

0:23:49    The more novel the stimulus, the lower the minimal effective dose.

0:24:53    Supplements: creatine, beta-alanine and caffeine.

0:25:21    Whey protein, doesn't have to be whey, e.g. Catabolic Blocker.

0:25:58    I've written a bit about beta-alanine.

0:26:31    Smart Drug Smarts podcast with

0:27:28    How much protein? 1g per pound of lean body mass is a reasonable default.

0:27:59    Alan Aragon 1g per lb of goal body weight.

0:28:16    Casually Explained: Lifting.

0:28:59    Brad see the ketogenic diet as a tool.

0:32:52    Sea Otter Classic 2016 Cross Country - Professional.

0:34:27    Bonking is a system fail.

0:34:51    Metabolic flexibility.

0:38:17    Energy systems are not mutually exclusive.

0:43:28    Do whatever you're weakest at first.

0:44:04    Joe Friel on my podcast.

0:45:09    How much difference does programming make?

0:45:59    James Wilson on my podcast.


0:49:04    Science Driven Nutrition Facebook page.

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