Foodloose Recap

June 9, 2016

“Gary Taubes is in the building!” exclaimed Foodloose host Dr. Maryanne Demasi. Gary was scheduled to arrive at Iceland’s international airport the morning of the conference, and he’d already missed his keynote slot. British cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra had assumed Gary’s position, and I’d started to wonder if the rest of the speakers would be advanced in the same way. Fortunately, that was not to be the case, and Gary delivered an impressive display of public speaking of the likes I’ve not seen before. The man barely looked down once during the entire presentation and spoke with extraordinary fluency. The Harpa concert hall that hosted the event was even more impressive than Gary's public speaking, the island even more impressive still.

The complete lineup of speakers at the IHS Foodloose conference 2016:

  • Dorrit Moussaieff, patron and First Lady of Iceland.
  • Dr. Aseem Malhotra, British Cardiologist.
  • Gary Taubes, author: Good Calories, Bad Calories.
  • Dr. Axel Sigurdsson, Icelandic Cardiologist.
  • Professor Tim Noakes, South African emeritus professor of exercise science.
  • Denise Minger, author: Death by Food Pyramid.
  • Dr. Tommy Wood, research scientist and NBT Chief Medical Officer.

The day after the conference, I had the chance to sit down with Tommy and discuss what was presented at the first ever Icelandic Health Symposium event.

We loved our time on the island and can’t wait to return next year.

Here’s the outline of this interview with Dr. Tommy Wood

0:00:42    Dr. Guðmundur Jóhannsson on this podcast.

0:02:08    Dr. Aseem Malhotra.

0:02:40    Aseem on the BBC News.

0:03:19    Action on Sugar.

0:03:23    Run on Fat movie.

0:09:40    Lilly Nichols on the Paleo Baby podcast.

0:19:20    Book: The Big Fat Surprise.

0:21:59    About Kevin Hall’s study on this podcast.

0:22:40    Dr. Axel Sigurdsson.

0:29:07    Prof. Tim Noakes.

0:33:19    Book: Super Food for Superchildren.

0:39:44    Denise Minger: Carbosis.

0:41:22    Swank Foundation for MS.

0:41:24    Lester M. Morrison, MD.

0:41:58    Rice Diet.

0:48:56    Dean Ornish.

0:48:59    Michael Gregor’s

0:51:04    Rich Roll.

0:51:05    Ray Cronise.

1:00:19    Bryan Walsh social isolation podcast.

1:02:39    Chris Masterjohn melanopsin podcast.

1:10:19    Book: The Blue Zones.

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