Paleo Psychology with Ashley Mason PhD

Sept. 26, 2014

Ashley Mason, PhD is a clinical psychologist and research fellow at UCSF. Her primary research interests focus on food-craving experiences, stress-induced eating, and reward-based eating. She is currently using ecological momentary assessment (EMA) methodologies so as to develop targeted interventions that (1) increase awareness and understanding of food craving experiences, and (2) de-couple the experience of craving from the action of indulging cravings. She is currently examining a biological probe as an index of a tendency to engage in reward-based eating.

Ashley is part of the team conducting the PCOS Paleo study. The crowdfunding project has now come to an end, and even though they didn’t reach their target the study will still be taking place. You can still donate by emailing them.

Ashley provided some wonderful insight into addiction, food cravings and food reward.

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