A Quest for Connection: Journeying to Authentic Relationships with Others and Yourself

Feb. 21, 2024

Mike Brcic is an adventurer, writer, and entrepreneur with a mission to help others build connection with themselves and others. He founded Wayfinders, a project that brings entrepreneurs together for travel, physical challenge and authentic connection, going beyond networking and financial success. Mike founded Sacred Rides, a highly successful mountain bike adventure company (and sold it in 2019), co-founded Bikes Without Borders, and is the former Dean of Social Enterprise at the Centre for Social Innovation.

On this podcast, Mike reflects on his Substack series, Restoring Connection: The Most Vital Work of Our Time, in which he offers practical advice for creating meaningful connections with oneself and others. Noting that human connection is a primary factor in our well-being and longevity, he discusses some of the barriers to connection we’ve created in modern society and some of the tools and practices he uses to reduce loneliness and connect deeply with our true motivations and desires. 

Here’s the outline of this interview with Mike Brcic:

[00:01:02] Mike's Substack.

[00:02:49] Jeff Kendall-Weed on YouTube.

[00:03:49] Substack series: Restoring Connection: The Most Vital Work of Our Time.

[00:04:25] Background of loss and depression.

[00:08:48] Mike's turning point.

[00:12:45] Connection to self.

[00:15:53] Jason Connell; Podcasts: From Magic to Mindfulness: The Evolution of an Entrepreneur and Healing and Transformation with Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP).

[00:18:01] Figuring out what's important to you.

[00:19:43] Coping with difficult emotions.

[00:23:27] Connection to others.

[00:23:37] Nick Gray; Podcast: How to Make New Friends.

[00:24:44] Mike's connection database.

[00:27:08] Dinner parties - the connected meal.

[00:31:49] Intentional communities and human-centered design.

[00:37:53] Meta-analysis on social relationships and mortality risk: Holt-Lunstad, Julianne, Timothy B. Smith, and J. Bradley Layton. "Social relationships and mortality risk: a meta-analytic review." PLoS medicine 7.7 (2010): e1000316.

[00:40:43] Book: Loneliness: Human Nature and the Need for Social Connection, by John T. Cacioppo and William Patrick.

[00:43:45] Wayfinders.

[00:45:14] Travel and adventure experiences.

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