Toréa Rodriguez and Hashimoto's

May 18, 2014

In this episode, Julie and me were lucky enough to be joined by biochemist, Silicon Valley executive, professional pilot and Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner Toréa Rodriguez. We discuss how Hashimoto’s thyroiditis grounded her dream job, her experience working with Chris Kresser and what exactly she's doing now to get back on track.

Toréa has opened up a list for you to sign up to work with her.

05:20 Initially decided against the endocrinologist
06:00 A completely natural approach didn't work
06:27 Elevated antibodies diagnosed Hashimoto's
07:00 Toréa has a massive amount data from blood work on her thyroid
08:00 Symptoms are the last thing to show
08:25 The lab work reveals issues before they become a real problem
09:00 The benefits of functional medicine
09:33 Sensitivity is a current limitation of hormone testing
10:21 Started synthetic meds
11:00 Wasn't feeling any better, lab results still abnormal
11:21 Trial and error titration
11:45 Frustration
12:00 Treat the symptoms, if that doesn't work we'll cut it out
13:00 Toréa has spoke to many people that have had a thyroidectomy
13:20 Chris Kresser
13:43 Understanding the complexity of the condition
14:45 Dividing complexity
15:13 Health care vs disease care
16:19 Kresser ran lots of labs and spent two hours doing the interpretations
16:50 Adrenal fatigue, iron deficiency anemia
17:00 Granola bars and a vegetarian diet weren't cutting it
17:30 Put onto a strict Paleo reset diet and reintroducing meat
17:49 Within 30 days felt so much better
18:00 The transition from vegetarianism
18:41 Resilience
19:31 Vegetarianism seemed like a healthy choice
19:52 Hypoxia
21:00 Oxygen deliverability is a deal breaker
21:24 Why Toréa is no longer working with Kresser
22:00 Dr Cowan in San Francisco
22:26 Being the middle man didn't work
22:50 Quit being a pilot
23:00 Stable results were still elusive
23:36 Glandulars didn't work
24:00 Alan Christianson NMD
24:30 The role of diet in treating Hashimotos
24:50 Tried reintroducing dairy didn't work completely
25:21 Gluten is definitely a no no
25:42 Now eating an autoimmune protocol
26:00 Skin is clearing up within a week
26:15 What is AIP?
26:30 The Paleo Mom, The Paleo Approach
27:00 Leaky gut
27:45 Great book for maximizing nutrient density
28:00 Functional Diagnostic Nutrition
28:30 Which tests to run first
29:00 Diet, rest, exercise, stress reduction and then supplements
29:22 BioHealth 205 Adrenal Stress Profile
29:39 Toréa has struggled to make progress with adrenal fatigue
30:00 Is running further tests to uncover hidden root causes
30:45 Root causes vs symptoms
32:00 The importance of gut health
32:15 Women and Hashimoto's
33:00 Women's hormones are more fragile
33:45 Sara Gottfried
34:30 What you can do to help yourself
35:00 Nurturing
35:00 Take time for yourself
36:00 Falling down the hormonal flight of stairs
37:00 Toréa has the knowledge AND the time to take care of you
39:00 Getting started with lab testing

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