Dr Tommy Wood on Vaccines

Feb. 3, 2015

Dr Tommy Wood is a qualified medical doctor, graduating from Oxford University in 2011. He has a previous Bachelors degree in Natural Sciences and Biochemistry from Cambridge University. After working as a junior doctor in the UK for two years, Dr. Wood is now working towards a Ph.D. in neonatal brain metabolism at the University of Oslo, Norway.

In this episode, we discuss vaccines! Since recording, I've read the book we mention in the show. It’s called The Vaccine Book: Making the Right Decision for Your Child. It's a well thought out book, providing just enough information to make an informed decision without getting overly political or bogged down in the details. Clearly the details are important, but let's start by at least understanding the contents and schedule of the vaccines. See also The Problem With Dr Bob's Alternative Vaccine Schedule.

In the interview, Tommy states that Gardasil, the HPV vaccine, contains thimerosal, but it doesn't, and he has since asked me to correct that statement.

In the show Tommy refers to the following references:

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