Paleo Packing

Written by Julie Kelly

March 2, 2014

One reason experimenting with a keto diet is handy...four days worth of food for Chris's snowboarding trip to Canada packed and ready to go. No rushed and expensive trips to the market in a small town, no starving while cat skiing and everyone else is chowing down on gluten-glucose bombs between runs, just pure, nutrient dense, energy-packed, and convenient foods at the ready all weekend long.  I know, there are no vegetables in sight. The plan was to take as much fat and protein as possible, since these things are usually the hardest to find when traveling. Chris thought he'd be able to venture out and find produce at a market if he really wanted it and time allowed. 

What's in the stash? Clockwise from top left...

Cooked pulled pork, cooked pork tenderloin, cooked flank steak, coconut oil, kerrigold butter, bone broth packets, sardines, kipper snacks, USWellness Meats Liverworst, Smoked Mackerel, USWellness Meats beef jerky, bacon. 

Not pictured: flask of MCT oil


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