Bowl of Sunshine

Written by Julie Kelly

March 24, 2014

I love telling people what we eat for breakfast. It’s so fun watching people's wheels spin when you say something crazy like “leftover roast” or “lamb chops.” The fact of the matter is: meals should just be meals. You’re hungry? Eat Food. That’s Food, with a capital F. Real food, the stuff you made last night for dinner would be a great place to start. In a hurry, leftovers are your best friend.  


Want something truly divine? Make this Bowl of Sunshine.  The beauty of the the B.O.S is simplicity. Some leftovers, add some broth and a few eggs, and you have a completely transformed meal for the most important time of the day. Better still? So fast. 


The example above was one of my all time favorite combos. Left over slow roasted beef stew with kale, onions, celery, and carrots. I added some fresh bone broth with generous amounts of butter and three poached eggs. What really made it sing was the fresh cilantro and dash of vinegar I added before serving. Holy wow. You deserve this for breakfast, you are going to do a lot today and I’ll sleep much better at night knowing you’re starting your hard days with great food. 


Need another example? The B.O.S can be even simpler. If you don’t have something decadent from the night before just dress up some bone broth. Here I added some kale, spinach, onions and butter to broth along with a piece of pan friend USWellness Meats pork breakfast sausage.  That’s it. No eggs in sight, making it AIP friendly too. 

The real point is breakfast (or any meal) is only as complicated as you make it. I think the quickest way to really start enjoying your meals, and your time in the kitchen, is to ditch the recipe card every once in a while. Live life on the edge, throw some amazing things together and enjoy a Bowl of Sunshine, you won’t regret it. 

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