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Frances's Testimonial

Written by Christopher Kelly

April 13, 2014

A HUGE thank you to Laura Rockow for teaching me how to heal my son's gut.

After years and years of going to a top notch hospital, with top notch doctors, they could not figure out why my son's colon was failing to work. His issues became so desperate that he was assigned his own pain team- he was only 7 years old! For years now he's been on four different medications to turn his food to liquid so it would move through him, and stimulants to force his colon to work. He was also put on a low dose of anti depressant to help his tummy, and his brain, deal with the constant pain of his horrible condition. We have spent years and years, and almost all our savings trying to help our son be well. He's been on handfuls of different "special" diets, and had countless hours of therapies. None have given him any relief from this horrible condition. At his last visit to his pediatric GI, they told me there was nothing more they could do for him. They said, keep medicating him and come back in a year to let them know how he was doing. I was crushed!...... And then along came Laura. She so kindly urged me to try something new with my son, to try something that seemed so drastic, but yet had a very easy message..."EAT REAL FOOD." Nothing from a box, nothing unnatural, nothing processed. Now I thought we were already doing well in that department, we eat real food, right? Nope! Turns out my son's gluten free, milk free diet wasn't at all "free" from things that could harm him. It's taken a lot of reading, a lot of questions (Laura has always answered ALL of my questions no matter how silly), and a lot of RE-learning how to shop and cook. But BOY, WAS IT WORTH IT! My son has been pain free for a month now. He's taking 1/3 the medication he used to, and the only reason he's not completely off his medication is because his colon has to relearn how to work, on it's own, slowly. He is happier, he LOOKS healthier, all the swelling he had from the medications and painful gas they produced, is going away. He likes his new food, he asks for seconds! He has more energy, and he's PAIN FREE!!! Can I say that again...PAIN FREE!!! Words can not tell you how this has changed my families life. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Laura and the time she spent with me, and the information I gained to make my son's life livable.

Thank you Laura!

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