The root cause of allergies

Written by Christopher Kelly

Nov. 11, 2014

I’ve spent my whole life suffering from allergies, which spurred me towards finding their root cause. Here’s what I discovered and how it applies to you.

I want you to visualize. Think of your body’s reserve for coping with allergies as a bucket, and when the bucket overflows, you will suffer from the symptoms of allergies. If your bucket is almost empty, you can easily cope and not experience the symptoms of allergies.

Things adding to your bucket:

Food Allergens: Any food that you’re sensitive to can provoke your immune system and cause symptoms of allergies.

Environmental Toxicity: Most adults are suffering symptoms from exposure to hundreds of toxic chemicals, which adds additional stress to your body.

Infections: Various infections will create an antigen, antibody complex that will put additional stress on your liver.

Other Environmental Factors: such as dust mites, cat dander, grass and tree pollen.

Any one of these four groups could overflow your bucket, but most people only know about the last one.

Think of the liver as a pump removing water from the bucket. The faster and more efficiently it runs, the greater your reserve for coping.

Our liver works in two phases: In the first phase, toxins are made into a fat-soluble intermediary. Whilst less problematic than the original toxin, these intermediaries are still capable of causing damage through oxidative stress.  In the second phase, the toxins are made water-soluble and can be disposed of through the excretory system. If your liver is overloaded, these toxins will not be disposed of in a timely manner, which means that you will experience more symptoms of allergies.

What can you do about allergies? Do everything you can to stop the flow into the bucket, starting with cleaning up your diet. Next improve your digestive health by removing bacterial overgrowths and infections. Finally, you can improve your liver function by supplementing:

Phase 1: B vitamins, glutathione, antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin E.

Phase 2: the sulfur-containing amino acids, glycine, taurine, glutamine, cysteine.

As part of a complete program, the Genova Diagnostics Organix Comprehensive Profile is a powerful tool for assessing gut dysbiosis, exposure to environmental toxicity, oxidative stress and liver function.


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