Functional Medicine for Athletes

Written by Christopher Kelly

Feb. 24, 2016

Dr. Terry Kitagawa, Ph.D. is an bioinorganic chemist and fitness enthusiast that Amelia and Julia have been working with since July 2015. Terry tested saliva hormones, urinary organic acids, blood chemistry and stool culturomics (1) (2) and corrected the problems that he found using diet and lifestyle modification combined with nutritional supplements.

In a recent follow-up appointment, Terry’s nutrition advisor Julia asked Terry some questions about his experience of working with us. What follows is a transcript of that conversation.

Julia: When you were deciding to seek out functional medicine help or were deciding whether or not to work with Nourish Balance Thrive, was there anything that was holding you back?

Terry: This was a new approach to how I took my health and there wasn't anything specific about your company. Functional medicine was a big investment financially into my health.

I think that my brother talked me into it. He started seeing a Bulletproof doctor and then I just searched on the web and found you guys. I read about your company and about the process in general, that you cater more to athletes and are performance-driven. I'm really into fitness so that was a pretty big deciding factor.

The cost was a little daunting at first but once I got over the initial shock I was committed to it.

Julia: What have you found as a result of working with Nourish Balance Thrive?

Terry: I found great results. I feel a lot better. It was a tough process because it was a huge change in the way I was living my life nutritionally and fitness-wise. It was hard for me to hit the brakes. That was pretty shocking.

Now I feel really good. Not 100% yet I think, there's some work I have to do but I think the process has been excellent for me. To be honest, at first I was a little skeptical and it was really painful, not relying on the crutches like caffeine that I had got so accustomed to. I'm really, really happy with the results.

Julia: That's wonderful. What were the features of working with us that you like the best?

Terry: I like your Web presence. I like being able to communicate over Skype and phone rather than having to drive out to an office. I thought that was useful. I would like to use the Skype video feature in the future to make our calls feel more personable.

Julia: Okay!

Terry: Cloud document storage was also useful because it enabled me to access everything on all my devices. You being technology-driven, I like that a lot.

Julia: Would you or have you recommended Nourish Balance Thrive to others?

Terry: Yes to both. I recommended you guys to a lot of my friends. They’re not sure! The same thing that went through my mind is going through theirs. “I don't know if it's worth it.” Nevertheless, I will wholeheartedly recommend you guys to anyone that's looking for a different approach.

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