The Nourish Balance Thrive podcast is designed to help you perform better. Christopher Kelly, your host, is co-founder of Nourish Balance Thrive, an online clinic using advanced biochemical testing to optimize performance in athletes. On the podcast, Chris interviews leading minds in medicine, nutrition and health, as well as world-class athletes and members of the NBT team, to give you up-to-date information on the lifestyle changes and personalized techniques being used to make people go faster – from weekend warriors to Olympians and world champions.

How to Reconcile Performance with Longevity

Performance isn’t as much as a priority as longevity is now, but I still love to compete.  This dilemma, so well stated by one of our clients, got us thinking.  It’s well documented that exercise extends both lifespan and healthspan, and the people we work with typically have ...

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Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs): The Controversy, the Science, and How to Protect Yourself

Indiegogo campaign: Medical Study on Hashimoto's Disease and AIP

Dr. Joseph Mercola is a board-certified physician and best-selling author whose name has become synonymous with natural health. He’s long been a controversial figure in the public eye, thanks to his outspoken opposition to the norms of the medical ...

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How to Measure Immune Balance Using Blood Testing

We launched the Blood Chemistry Calculator six months ago and have come to rely on it for our Elite Performance Program clients as an initial screening tool and measure of ongoing progress. With the input of 39 basic blood chemistry markers, the calculator uses a machine-learning algorithm to predict health ...

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How to Assess an Athlete: The Best Principles, Methods, and Devices to Use

Educator, coach, and exercise physiologist Dr. Mike T. Nelson is back on the podcast today.  With a PhD in Exercise Physiology, Mike has made learning and teaching about the human body his life’s work. He has published research in physiology and engineering journals and speaks internationally on topics related ...

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NBT Olympians: Leif Nordgren

Minnesota-raised biathlete Leif Nordgren started skiing when he was just three and shot his first rifle at 14. He won a bronze at the Youth World Championships in 2008 and went on to join the US biathlon team, participating in his first world championship in 2011. Leif has competed in ...

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How to Entrain Your Circadian Rhythm for Perfect Sleep and Metabolic Health

Greg Potter, PhD is the Content Director at, an online platform that uses a behaviour change model to help people lead more healthy lives. He creates online courses and other content to teach about the impact of lifestyle on health and recently spoke at the Biohacker Summit in ...

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How to Have a Healthy Gut

Functional medicine practitioner, clinical researcher, and international lecturer Dr. Michael Ruscio is back on the podcast today, talking with Dr. Tommy Wood about the work he’s doing to advance understanding of Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) and other disorders of the gut. In addition to seeing patients, maintaining a ...

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From Neonatal Neurobiology to Elite Performance Coaching: Interview with Dr. Tommy Wood

Dr. Tommy Wood studied medicine at the University of Oxford, graduating in 2011.  After two years as a junior doctor in the UK, he returned to academia to earn his PhD in physiology and neuroscience at the University of Oslo, Norway.  He is the current PAH President, as well as ...

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How to Become a Functional Medicine Doctor

Physician, podcaster, and poet, Rob Abbott, M.D. is a family medicine resident in Front Royal, Virginia and a graduate of the University of Virginia School of Medicine. He practices what he calls “spiritually focused and evolutionarily informed functional medicine.” Rob recently launched the Charlottesville Center for Functional Medicine, making ...

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How to Prevent and Heal Lyme and Its Co-Infections

Dr. Sunjya Schweig, M.D. is a board-certified physician who has been studying, teaching, and practicing integrative and Functional Medicine for over 20 years. In 2014 he joined forces with Chris Kresser to launch the California Center for Functional Medicine, offering patients an investigative approach to healthcare. He is also ...

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How to Become a Health Coach (And Why Health Coaching Will Transform Healthcare)

Chris Kresser, M.S., L.Ac., is an internationally recognized leader in the area of ancestral health and integrative medicine. He is the author of The Paleo Cure and the force behind, one of the top 25 health websites in the world. Chris has been studying, teaching, and ...

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How Oxidative Stress Impacts Performance and Healthspan

Our own Scientific Director and coach Megan Roberts is back on the podcast today to discuss an important but often misunderstood aspect of health and longevity: oxidative stress.  It’s a condition associated with numerous chronic health problems including cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Today we cover everything you need ...

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