Who Else Wants to Know How the Greenfield Family Does It?

April 20, 2015

Julie on the interview this week, but this is Chris writing here. It was my idea to get Jessa onto the podcast; I thought it'd be great to find out what makes the Greenfield household tick. I wondered if, like me, Ben doesn't do much of anything except the eating part!

Starting kids out in the right direction is one of the biggest challenges we face. Listen in to find how the two health and athletic performance guru parents behind Ben Greenfield Fitness and Inner Circle make home life run smoothly with young twin boys. 

My favourite quote from the show: "the boys know how we eat. So they're pretty helpful that way too, telling their grandma, 'No, mommy doesn't like this. Dad isn't going to like this.'"

Love it! Our Ivy is 18 months now, won't be long Grandma!

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