4 Steps to Eliminate Excess Estrogen

Written by Alice O'Brien

Sept. 8, 2015

Is chemical castration happening to our global population right before our eyes? Is the diet that we have all been told to eat, making us fat, sick and tired? Do companies use chemicals in their products that they know can harm us, or reduce our vitality? I may be bold, but I say YES!

There are many ways that our modern society is stealing our health and vitality. One of these ways is with artificial hormones and chemicals that act like hormones in the body. When healthy, our bodies make just the right amount of sex hormones. In women, estrogen is primary. Men produce a little estrogen too but make predominantly testosterone. The problem is that the female hormone estrogen is increasingly prevalent in our food and in our environments. And it’s changing the balance of hormones in BOTH men and women. When estrogen becomes imbalanced, a condition of estrogen dominance results.

Symptoms of imbalanced Estrogen

Men Women

breast formation (gynecomastia)

reduction in sexual and personal drive

mid body weight gain

insulin resistance

reduction in recovery ability

increased risk of stroke and heart attacks

change in menstrual cycle

increased PMS symptoms

increased menopause symptoms

weight gain in hips thighs and breasts

increased risk of breast cancer

increased risk of stroke and heart attacks

An external flood of estrogen also makes your body reduce or stop production of hormones internally. In women, this is problematic because the body will not only stop making estrogen but will also stop making progesterone. Progesterone is what I call the Calm-and-Relaxed hormone. When low it can produce symptoms like depression, anxiety, low energy, and fatigue.

The good news is that there are things that you can do to reduce your exposure to environmental estrogens.

Step one: Manage your Meat

Today’s modern “factory farmers” use hormones to accelerate weight gain in animals and increase profitability. This practice includes chickens, cows, pigs, and even fish farmers. Hormones also keep dairy cows lactating on a constant basis, including while they are pregnant. When we consume foods from these animals, we absorb the hormones.

TAKE ACTION: Try 30 days of a dairy free diet. Determine how you look and feel when it is over and decide for yourself if you want to keep it out of your diet. Choose “hormone-free” animal products, ideally also organic, free-range and grass fed to avoid exposure to other chemicals in animal feed and drugs.

Step two: Clean your body...products

Skin is our largest organ and a powerful absorption site that sends ingredients straight to our blood stream. The medical field has know of this for decades, and even has heart attack treatments that are administered on the skin for the fastest absorption.

The average women will apply 515, and the average man will apply 274 chemicals through body products, every day. Some of these chemicals are so closely related to estrogen, that the body will accept them into the receptor sites. The largest culprits are fragrances, parabans and triclosan.

Where Parabens are found Where Triclosan is found

hair care products


first aid cream

hand sanitizers

toothpaste and mouth care products


TAKE ACTION: Check your skin care product in the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Database. Or better yet, make your own!

Step three: Pitch the Plastic

We have all heard about the dangers of bisphenol-A (BPA). But many people don't know what the true issue is. BPA is a potent estrogen mimicker found in most food can linings, some plastic wraps, and plastic cups and containers labeled #7 in the little recycling triangle. Food and product companies have reacted to the consumer demand for BPA free products. They have created new products that can be called “BPA FREE”. This is still concerning. New research is showing that some of the new products being used, can be causing more problems than the original BPA.

TAKE ACTION: Choose stainless steel or glass-lined storage containers. Store your food in mason jars, transport liquids in a Klean Kanteen. If you’re packing lunch for the kids, check out LunchBots. If you use canned foods, make sure you rinse the contents thoroughly before using; otherwise, choose whole, fresh foods or those in glass containers (or next best: paper cartons).

Step four: Test, Don't Guess

Sometimes detoxing from estrogen is a first step to a larger health movement. If you find that you have taken all the steps you can to eliminate environmental estrogens, but still find signs that your hormones may be imbalanced, the best thing to do is to test them and work on a program to support the hormones that you need to elevate, and detox from the hormones that are causing issues.

I would love to help you on that journey. The best way for me to help you is for us to chat in a free consult. This will give me the ability to really understand what is happening for you, and come up with a plan to understand what is happening INSIDE you. With that information I will be able to make a personalized treatment plan to get you back to the health and vitality that you deserve.

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