Brian's Testimonial

Written by Christopher Kelly

April 10, 2014

Brian is a local Cat 1 mountain bike ripper, we've been working together for about six months and he says:

“Initially only seeking improved health and quality of life through nutritional guidance, the added sports performance gains turned out to be high fat dairy icing on a gluten free cake! Working with Chris has resulted in allergy relief that numerous doctors and specialists could not "prescribe" out of my life. Additionally, I complained of massive cramping under extreme physical exertion and Chris said he thought that would be alleviated as well. Now I am breathing more clearly than I can ever remember and the cramping has disappeared as well! I am a believer. Please pass the fat and some veggies! :)

The ability to breathe clearly without medication or pills is simply amazing! Having suffered for years and wasted time and  money on ineffective or side-effect riddled medical prescription solutions, my allergies are all but gone. When friends and family reach for pills to help with "bad allergy days" I can't help but think how Chris has forever improved my life through nutritional guidance and short term supplementation. Despite numerous attempts in the past with both medical and holistic practitioners, Chris and his team have really cracked the code at Nourish Balance Thrive!

I can't thank Chris and his team enough! After many attempts and wasted time, money and energy with others, Nourish Balance Thrive has me breathing clearly and enjoying numerous other health benefits with simple dietary changes and minor supplementation. I feel like a brand new person and can't thank Chris and his team enough!

Clear breathing, sharper focus and leg cramp elimination - all thanks to Chris and his recommendations to eat fat and vegetables! Simply Amazing! You won't regret calling him. In fact, if you are like me, it could be the best medical decision you have ever made for yourself. Period.

The road to better health is set on a path through a vegetable garden and smart fat consumption, not the aisle leading to the pharmacy! I am astounded by what his recommendations have provided me - allergy elimination, sharp focus, cramp! Call Chris. NOW!”

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